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For seniors seeking health insurance coverage, the abundance of information regarding Medicare can be completely overwhelming. Seniors in Colorado who are looking for a Medicare care plan that suits their needs should at least understand some of the basics.

Medicare is broken down into different plans with each plan having different qualification requirements. Medicare Part A is hospital insurance and Medicare Part B is medical insurance. Medicare Part C lets private health insurance companies offer Medicare benefits, and finally Medicare Part D is for prescription drug coverage. Seniors who reach the age of 65 and are receiving social security benefits are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and most individuals don't have to pay the premium. For seniors who choose to enroll in Medicare Part B, they will have to pay their own premium. Seniors can also choose to be enrolled in Medicare Parts C and D. If you're unsure of which parts you automatically qualify for and the premium for each part, contact your Colorado independent insurance agents.

Keep in mind that Medicare does not cover everything. There are certain tests, types of treatment, and home medical supplies that it doesn't cover. If Medicare deems a piece of medical equipment an item of convenience, they won't cover it even though your doctor may have prescribed it. It is always in your best interest to understand your Medicare benefits before going ahead with tests, procedures, and medical equipment. Coverage can also vary from state to state. If a test or screening is considered preventive, Medicare will most likely cover it. They also cover certain vaccinations that are considered preventive. Again, if you are unsure about what your Medicare plan covers, contact your Medicare insurance agent.

Allen Insurance Services has independent insurance agents available in Colorado. If you have any questions about getting a Medicare insurance policy, contact agent Jolynn Allen for assistance.

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