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Have you been looking for a health insurance plan that suits all of your needs? Do you think health insurance is too expensive and you can't afford it. While it can be a bit overwhelming to comb through all of the different types of health insurance that are available in Colorado, it is wise not to go without it.

If you are needing to buy health insurance on your own and you are not covered by an employer, then the type of health insurance you need is called individual health insurance. This type of health insurance allows you to buy an individual policy for yourself or you can buy one that covers the entire family. You would be responsible for paying the premium. The state of Colorado has a variety of health insurance plans available and they can be purchased directly through your Colorado health insurance agents.

Because of changes implemented in 2014, there are certain benefits that health insurance plans are now required to cover. Emergency services, maternity and newborn care, mental health services, prescription drugs, pediatric services, and preventive services are some of the benefits. While you will most likely have to meet your deductible, some services, especially those relating to prevention and wellness, are now covered one hundred percent.

Even though the law now requires individuals to have health insurance, there are still some who opt to go without it because they think it is too expensive. Typically, there are five factors that affect premium rates. These include: age, location, tobacco use, the number of dependents being covered, and which plan category you choose. Chances are, you will be able to find a health insurance plan that fits your budget.

Allen Insurance Services has independent insurance agents available in Colorado. If you have any questions about obtaining health insurance, contact your Colorado health insurance agents to see how they can help.

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